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Join us on our journey to create the ultimate WildlifeLearning Space at Michael Drayton Junior School......




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My contact with Michael Drayton Junior School (MDJS) started when I was asked to come and help them with the development of an area of the school grounds for wildlife. After coming up with a design and looking at the rest of the school grounds, we realised the huge potential for learning that is here on the school site. I was delighted to join the school as a member of staff in 2013 and will now be working  2 days a week at school, not only to develop the 'WildlifeLearning' area but also to work alongside the school and its staff to maximise all the outdoor learning opportunities & raise the profile of natural history throughout school.


Welcome to the Michael Drayton Junior School                                                       website, where we aim to document our journey to transform

our school grounds into a wildlife haven & to instill an

interest and love of the natural world.


WildlifeKate & MDJS


"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."


- John Muir




"Learning outside the classroom should not be an optional extra, but rather an entitlement to all; stimulating the senses and developing an early interest in the natural world."



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