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Join us on our journey to create the ultimate WildlifeLearning Space at Michael Drayton Junior School......




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Building our New Hen House

Our new hens will need somewhere to roost at night and somewhere to go when it is raining. It needs to be dry  and safe for them. The hens may also lay us some lovely eggs, so they need a place to lay. A very large box arrived in school and this was a flat-pack hen house! WildlifeKate needed some pupils to help her build it, so the Year 6 teachers each chose a pupil to come to see if they could fathom out the instructions!


The team looked very serious about the job ahead... there were lots of parts!  Where should we start? We looked at the instructions and decided to unpack all the parts.

Henrun_10thJan17 Henrun_10thJan19

We carried the parts outside, laid everything out and then picked off all the parts to make sure we had everything.

We also checked we had the right number of bolts and screws for the job!

Henrun_10thJan20 Henrun_10thJan21 Henrun_10thJan22 Henrun_10thJan24 Henrun_10thJan27 Henrun_10thJan28 Henrun_10thJan30 Henrun_10thJan31 Henrun_10thJan34 Henrun_10thJan35 Henrun_10thJan36 Henrun_10thJan38

The team started by building the section where the hens will lay their eggs. Following the instructions, they found the correct parts and screwed everything into place.

Now we were motoring! The main body pf the hen house started to take shape....

We were working really well as a team!

We made a few mistakes... we put one side on upside down and realised when we came to fit in the roosting bars! We soon sorted it and the houe all came together! All that was left was to fit the roof on!

We were really pleased with the final house. It has a place to lay eggs, roosting bars inside and a sliding tray at the bottom that will let us clean it out easily. There are doors at each end that open to make little ramps for the hens to walk up and into the hen house.