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Join us on our journey to create the ultimate WildlifeLearning Space at Michael Drayton Junior School......




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Hen Run Build

Our hens will live in out Quad area in school. This is a lovely safe area, away from predators such as foxes and it is also easily accessible from all the classes. WildlifeKate and Mr Chadwick decided where was best to build it, so it used the walls of the school, had some paving slabs in it and some earth areas for our hens to scrathch around in. We used trellis panels to build the sides of the run. They are nice and high so our hens cannot escape! We will have a gate at one end so we can all get in and out to feed and look after our hens. Here are  some pictures of Mr Chadwick building our lovely new hen run!

Henrun_10thJan08 Henrun_10thJan03

We chose this corner of the quad. We had  to cut down a few bushes to make room for the gate. This earth area will be great for the hens to explore!


Mr Chadwick worked out how best to fit all the fence panels to make the side of the hen run....

Henrun_10thJan09 Henrun_10thJan12 Henrun_10thJan13 Henrun_10thJan14 Henrun_10thJan10

Special post holders were drilled into the slabs so the posts would stand upright. Mr Chadwick then screwed the trellis onto these. Soon the side of our hen run started to take shape!

At this end, there will be a gate so we can easily get in and out of our hen run.