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Join us on our journey to create the ultimate WildlifeLearning Space at Michael Drayton Junior School......




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Our Grounds

In 2013, we started to develop the grounds for learning. The first area for development was in a corner of the school field. A great sized plot, very close to Hartshill Hayes, I designed a space that would be stimulating, exciting and offer huge scope for learning across the primary curriculum.


Every year, we do a bit more to our area.....



Where are we?

Situated in Hartshill, near Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the school grounds are extensive and close the Hartshill Hayes.


What  we planned to create in our WildLearning Area?.....


Click above to find out more about our plans

We also aim to increase the opportunities for children to work outdoors and have real, hands-on contact with the natural world and the outdoors. Over the coming years we aim to:


- Care for a range of animals in school

- Grow our own vegetables and fruits

- Use local resources such as Hartshill Hayes within all elements of

 curriculum work with all classes

- Use outdoor spaces as an integral part of our learning